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Miller Lite J Balvin Bodegawear

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Miller Lite x J Balvin Shorts

Miller Lite x J Balvin Jacket

Miller Lite x J Balvin Hair

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, some clipping issues on female representation of lower body and some weighting issues dor upper body (both male and female) at neck area. Make sure its only weighted to neck bone and make the collar double sided.

Thank you for the feedback! Will sort this out ASAP :slight_smile:

Hey @Yannakis! We’ve made the requested adjustment, excited for you to check it out! Let us know if we can do anything else :slight_smile:

Hey, just some gaps now around the neck area from the inside and same clipping on the lower body for female. Let me know if you need further help!

@Yannakis, should be all sorted now! Thanks for your guidance, please let us know if there’s anything else - or if this sort of problem is still persisting. Thanks again!

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Looks like there’s still the same issue. Make sure all the vertices are connected and merged.
For the lower body, remove any spine weighting if there is any, and make sure that top part is only weighted to the hips bones and not upper legs

Hi @Yannakis, can you please provide more specifications about your test as you proceed? If you can begin by providing the specific emote that is causing the issue, that would great!

Also, can you confirm that the .glbs are being properly updated?

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Im using the dance emote. You can view the items in-game by clicking the 2 dots on the collection page and selecting “See in world”

Oh yes, we’re familiar! It’s helpful information to know what methods you’re using for us streamline the revision process - thank you! Furthermore, can you confirm with each test the .glb file examined was updated (a new version)? It appears like it maybe they weren’t getting updated - so just making sure!

Also, it looks like the collection is approved - so maybe the changes have gone through? Thank you :smiley:

Hey, yeah the issues were on the updated files. Let me know once you update

The files are updated and the issues don’t seem to be present. Can you provide clarity on the collection being approved before we continue to move forward? thanks!

Ah, now it been put back under review. We’ll attempt to push the update through the builder again so you can preview the most up to date .glb.

If you can provide explanation of what’s happening, would be much appreciated.

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New file looks good, just add a female representation and ill approve asap!