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Mihano Momosa

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Mihano Momosa Shades

Mihano Momosa Dress

Hi, checking collection now!

Awesome wearable! Only one issue that should be fixed left :slight_smile: Please, close the hole between legs and dress. :+1:

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Hey, how are you? Are you working on fixes for your wearable collection?

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@theankou hi. sorry for late response :pray:. … yes we are working on fixes now …
also thanks a bunch for a fast review we weren’t expecting response this fast :see_no_evil: thannks thanks

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once we have fixes how do we update the model, through editor or do we just update it here.

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you can push updates for your collection in builder, you don’t need to pay any additional fees

thanks again… we will have updates within next day or two

OK Boss … we have made updates to the model. let us know how it goes … and if there is anything else we can do for you :+1::+1:

Collection approved!

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