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Midnight Maiden Dress

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Midnight Maiden Dress


Hey, nice dress!

One issue though, double sided faces are disabled ingame, so from the inside the dress appears transparent, this is only visible from underneath, but you should add some geometry there to cover it up

Thank you for the feedback. I’m on it :slight_smile:

Update completed, to keep the triangle count under 1.5k, I’ve merged the bottom row vertices and rechecked the backface culling.

I’ve also updated the skin weights while reviewing poses with newer dresses I’ve been working on for better fitment.

I also noticed what I thought was plum purple on the palette looks more like midnight blue on the test server. I’m wondering if it would make sense to update the tag from purple to dark blue (or midnight blue). Another opinion would help. I used to play with lasers for work, so even if I think it could be a difference in color space tolerance between blender and DCL, I still have to question my own perspective on color space.

Great, approved it now :+1:

Awesome, my first wearable is now one sale! Thanks :raised_hands:

After taking a closer look, the dress is blue, not purple, so I’ve updated the description and tag. My tv screen/monitor had a dynamic setting on it.

Back in Feb, I updated the text and tag from saying “purple” to “blue”
There are no changes to the model, text only.
Can we get this update approved?
I would like to advertise this wearable after the update has been approved.
Currently, the price is also stuck.
Thank you