Collection 'MichaelJays Barbering Co.' created by JayRome#e0b9 is ready for review!

MichaelJays Barbering Co.

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Kundalini Crown

Cyber Punk Pink

Cyber Punk Blue

hi! checking collection now!

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  • Kundalini: add tiara to hiding list, please
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Hi! Any news about collection?

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Hi! Thanks for your input - the collection is still pending. Not sure how long approval will take. I will keep you posted

Hi! I am curator of your collection :slight_smile:
Please do following adjustments and i’ll approve collection:

  • Kundalini: add tiara to hiding list

omg! I had no idea thank you so much!

Hi, we’re all set! Added “Tiara” to hiding list

collection approved!

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Awesome thank you! Now the collection is approved for sale - do i need to mint them?

you can mint 1 piece of each to yourself to wear in-game :slight_smile: there were some accidents with minting, so jus pay attention to not mint all pieces to your wallet because they will not show on marketplace and you will need to manually set price for each piece, except if you’re doing some giveaway event etc etc

Okay great! Thank you for your help :pray:

Do you have any tips on how/where to market our wearables? If not, its okay, just figured id ask.

also, where would I be able to mint 1 for myself? on the “mint” button next to the wearable or “mint items” button? Sorry for all the questiions, this is all new to me