Collection 'MEW EMOTE COLLECTION 1' created by 0x97b3...c5ef5 is ready for review!


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Azul × MEW

Bboy Jeffro × MEW

Kento Mori × MEW

Kite × MEW

Mikey Dellavella × MEW

Reza Jackson × MEW

Nicole Flores × MEW

Brian Friedman × MEW

Poncho × MEW

Marshall × MEW

Bboy Ronnie × MEW

Pau Pulido × MEW

Kim Kong × MEW

Sergio Poveda × MEW

Will check those items now!

Can you push a small change like an additional tag? Cant see these in curation tab atm

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, looks like they work great in builder but in game having some issues. Can you please reupload these files exporting only the armature without the meshes?

How can I reupload ?? I couldn’t find the editor.

Same place you uploaded the wearables

Do you mean I will need to create another collection and upload there?

No need for a new collection. You can go to the website you published the wearables and you should see your collection there. Then you can click on the items and replace the .glb files.

After selecting the collection you should see a list of items.
You can click either “see details” or “open in editor” and you should have an option to edit the file.

I can find this editor only the wearable’s item. I couldn’t find the editor for Emote.

These are the emotes. You can click the penicl button and drop the updated file for each emote.

Sorry, I did it! I reuploaded “Sergio Poveda × MEW” file. Please check it. If it is okay, I will reupload all!

Still cant be triggered in game. Looking into what might be causing that

I’m looking for solution now. I will share the result later…

Hi I updated “Azul × MEW”! Can you check it again? If it work fine, I will update all!

Works! May I know what you change?

I think I was using a wrong avatar… I updated “Reza Jackson × MEW” by new avatar. Can you also check again?

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Works but causes some clipping issues.

Oh What’s clipping issues …?