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MetaWearing Military

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MW Military Legs and Boots

MW Military Vest and Shirt

MW Military Ghost Mask

MW Military Glasses

MW Military Cap

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Hello will review this today!


  • Glasses: Good to go! Check if you want to add tags and description.

  • Cap: Bottom part of the hair is clipping with the neck. Check “claps” animation and image below.
    Everything else is good, check if you want to add tags and description.

  • Mask: add to hides: Eyewear + helmet. There is a texture distortion on the left side, if you want to fix it. check if you want to add tags and description.

  • Lower body: There is a little issue with the hips. Please check it out. Merge shoes vertices to avoid holes. check if you want to add tags and description.

  • Upper body: Use max 2 texture, check hips rigging to avoid clipping, close the wearable from the bottom and sleeves to avoid see-through. see images. check if you want to add tags and description.

To confirm: Only glasses has a female representation at the moment. Is that correct?

Let me know when you are ready :slight_smile:

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thank you very much for the feedback, gonna start working on it right away :slight_smile:

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Alright, updated everything :slight_smile: Please let me know if there is anything i forgot :slight_smile: Thank you very very much!

Hello @kongbtc !

  • Mask: Tech is good, please add “elmets” in hides.

  • Cap: Good to go.

  • Glasses: Lens are not double sided in-world, you may want to add back geo (see image)

  • Lower Body/ Upper body: Check hips skinning. You want to avoid disconnection between upper and lower. Check the female representation: hips height is different there are there is some clipping right now. (see images) . There is a little clipping with the neck (check “rise hand” animation)

Check this video if you want to visualize your wearables in-world for testing purpose.
You can use ropsten network to enter the test space: from 1:38

Let me know when you are ready :slight_smile:

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Hey thank you very very much for all the feedback :slight_smile:

I updated everything so far, the only thing on the mask request to hide “elmets” I only found to hide “helmet”, I hope that is what you meant :slight_smile:

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Hello @kongbtc !
Much better good job!
For confirmation: only mask and hat has female representation.

  • Glasses: good to go
  • Hat : good to go
  • Lowerbody: Hips skinning is correct! Just move inner slightly the vertices near the belt (to fix this small clipping). see image
  • Mask : good to go
  • Upperbody: Hips skinning is now correct, just fix a small clipping issue with the neck (see image)

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thank you so much for the feedback and suggestions :slight_smile:
Updated the lower and upper body now :slight_smile:

Hello @kongbtc !
There is stil the same little issue with the neck !
Everything else is fine!

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Alright, should be updated now @fabeeobreen :slight_smile: thank you so so so much for everything :slight_smile:

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@kongbtc Collection approved!

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Wow! Thank you very much! that made my day :slight_smile: