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MetaWear x SkinnyBandit

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Public Enemy #1 Coat

Public Enemy #1 Pants & Shoes

Bandit 3.0 Mask

Public Enemy #1 Hat


Hi all!

Together with SkinnyBandit.eth we launch this collection of 4 wearables. The best way to wear it is to wear them all in one outfit. I will take you through some specs:

The Coat
It has a little more triangles than 1500, hopefully it is not a really big deal since I really tried my best in keeping the total file size low. I used the original color palette with a little adjustment to let the item load quick in DCL. Total file size for the gld is 800kb. There is one model for male and one for female.

The hat has 2 different hairs. 1 for male and 1 for female and the player can determine which color. It is using one of the standard hair types from DCL to make it simple, otherwise the character would be balt… File is below 500 triangles and below restrictions for texture and material.

The mask is also within the limits. Using 2 textures. 1 for the black and one for the blue/purple emission on it. It is unisex and for both characters.

Pants + shoes
For this I attached the shoes to the pants, also within restrictions of 1500 triangles and within texture and element limits. No emission placed here. One model for male and one for female.

I hope you like the item and if there is some changes needed please let me know!


Very nice!! This is an amazing collab, look like a perfect first date jacket :wink: good luck @MetaWear

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nice looks great here for a little bump :slight_smile:


Thanks @DCLDating & @dogman :smiley:

I cant wait to see this in the game!


wow…the complete outfit is insane <3


:heart: :heart:Thank you! @MetaRoh and @FatherFin! Can’t wait to wear it too :slight_smile:

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This is so amazing <3

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Thank you @mamatang ! :smiley:

Any chance for a review on this? :smiley:

This is why decentraland is 3dollars and sand is 5dollars. this system is rigged slow and inefficient

You should start streaming metawear than maybe they will value you like others

We keep waiting, DAO is very busy with a lot of wearables which are submitted. We appreciate the hard work, they can’t do everything at the same time. Team size of DAO is almost the same, but wearable submits are sky rocket high. Still love your enthusiasm, but we need to have patience!

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Hey cool collection

You need to fix the pants. They don’t match the male or the female version. And they clip a lot at the waist on the female avatar so the skinning needs to be adjusted there.

There’s also either an unmerged vertice or a flipped normal on the back of the pants. I’m guessing an unmerged vertices cause it’s only visible when the character is walking.

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Thanks for the review! Will fix this :smiley: Happy Christmas and will ping you soon.

great, merry xmas :slight_smile:

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@Chestnutbruze Hi there!

I hope you had a great Christmas weekend! We took some days to work on the pants and indeed, we had made the characters more skinnier than the original ones. But now the should be fixed and all good! Let me know if all is good now :smiley:

Hey, had a great xmas weekend :slight_smile:

there is still some issues with the pants it seems, but now at the back area, please investigate:

@Chestnutbruze Ohno! You have discovered the secret ventilation hole. It is fixed now :smiley: