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Metaverse Elite Armed Forces

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M.E.A.F. Firearm

M.E.A.F. Jacket

M.E.A.F. Helmet

M.E.A.F. Boots

M.E.A.F. Pants

Hi everyone, with the help of the awesome @michi we have created the Metaverse Elite Armed Forces - Army Division wearables. It will be a project along side my Supernatural Police Department (although a separate entity). I will be offering free NFT wearables to members who join. Check out for further details. Have a lovely day everyone!

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Hey DCL fam,
This collection is all 2 textures and the camo is a custom print I designed for Supernatural PD.
I’ve kept the ghost zapper preview 50% headband to avoid any misleading preview and helmet has been designed to sit well with hair styles + headband.

Texture One: Base UV
Texture Two: Emission Glow

Let me know of any changes for approval!

and it’s a Neutralizing Device… not a firearm!

Reviewing your items now!

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Collection approved!

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Thanks @DuckiezKing … Muchly appreciated! @michi lookout!