Collection 'MetaTravelers Nibiru Prime' created by MetaTravelers#7a7a is ready for review!

MetaTravelers Nibiru Prime

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Hello, gonna review this.

Very nice, collection approved!

Thanks for the quick approval @AndreusAs ! I have a question regarding the wearable, as its not showing up in my backpack after minting one to test (it’s not on the Skins tab, or the Collectibles tab):

It showed up fine on Ropsten:

I also noticed that it minted from its own collection (, instead of the “Decentraland Wearables” collection. Is that normal, or could that be related to it not showing up in the backpack?

Passed the issue to the devs, will be back once I know how to help :slight_smile:

It’s the same for the male avatar? The wearable is male only :slight_smile:

Ohh, that makes sense. It works on the male body. Is it too late to add a female version? Thanks so much for identifying the issue!

I think you could try to re-upload the item, which will require re-approval from my side.

Okay, thank you @AndreusAs, I have re-uploaded the item as ‘Both’ male/female here: Collection 'MetaTravelers Nibiru Prime Skin' created by MetaTravelers#7a7a is ready for review!

Apologies for the confusion. I have updated the originally approved collection to have the ‘Both’ gender. Everything else is the same, and should be ready for approval @AndreusAs.

Looks like it’s approved already :slight_smile:

@AndreusAs It looks like I missed the ‘Push Changes’ button…I just submitted the change so it should actually be under review now:

Hello! Re-approved the collection!

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Thank you so much!!!