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MetaTravelers GearDrop Vol. 1

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Traveler Helmet

The Chosen One

Nibiru Crest



Hello, can you push some little update, like add a tag and save again?
Collection is not apperaing in the curator tab

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen


Traveler Helmet :

  • Tech is good! Use “helmet” category, add hides: hair, tiara, mask, eyewear, hat

The Chosen One:

  • Same as Traveler Helmet

Nibiru Crest:

  • Hide hair or lift it up so it doesn’t clip with all hair styles
  • Add hide: hat, helmet


  • Can you reduce tris amount to 500/600?
  • Add hides: hat, helmet


  • Limit for mask category is 500 tris. Can you bring it down to 500/600?
  • Add hides: helmet, facial hair

Let me @ know here when you are done!

Hi @fabeeobreen, thanks for the feedback.

For the Traveler Helmet / Chosen One, do you know of a way we can keep this one compatible with our skin avatar? Setting it to the “helmet” makes it no longer work with our DCL avatar skin (shown in image below)

I’ve made the requested changes for the Nibiru Crest / Cavalier / Crusher.

Please let me know how to best proceed with the Traveler / Chosen one so we can mint it to be compatible with our avatar skin @fabeeobreen


Hello @trippyogi !

All good but Crusher: check skin weights :slight_smile:

About Helmets: I think helmet is compatible with skin category. I just took a look at your skin and it’s not hiding anythin. You should be able wear them together, i’m attachin an image of a skin of mine combined with an helmet ingame.
You will need to add these hides to the helmet but this will not affect the skin category: hair, tiara, mask, eyewear, hat.

Let me know if that is not working.

Thanks @fabeeobreen, I’ve made the requested changes for the helmets and the Crusher. Please let me know how this looks!

Hello @trippyogi !

Crusher rig is now correct, please add hides: facial hair, helmet for this one.

Helmets are showing with the wrong thumbnail, and not working in game, check them out!

Hi @fabeeobreen, I’ve fixed the thumbnails and the helmets now show in game. Please confirm and let me know if you see anything else.

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Hello @trippyogi !
All good!
Please add hides: facial hair, helmet for Crusher and it’s good to go.
Let me know when you are done!

@fabeeobreen Okay, hides for Crusher have been added!

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Collection is approved! @trippyogi

Thank you for all the assistance @fabeeobreen!!!

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