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hi i will rewview this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

could you move the sign down to the green line?

Done. It’s scratching the punk hair now :roll_eyes: I hope the punk VIPs don’t complain :sweat_smile:

Thanks, we just need tyo make sure the name tag doesnt float too far from the avatar thats why i requested this. this collection has been approved

Thanks Sango, but one notice - I think it “hangs” too deep now and I don’t want to get in trouble with other Hair or Hats. Here is a bounding box comparison - left = first upload, right = current upload.

Shall I reupload the first one again or do we risk that? Is it possible to change the model later again or does this only apply to the thumbnail and the text?

with that bounding box it makes the name tag too far from the avatar, which is something the devs have recently asked us to keep an eye on. there will be a revised bounding box coming soon

an alternative would to be it beside the head?

Ah new bounding box. Well I could make it smaller but I’ve already reduced the size before uploading so that is not an option. Beside looked strange, too. I think we leave it as it is. Complaints go the devs then :smiley:

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