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I found an unknown alien mineral in one of the Wonderzone meteorites, with which I was finally able to build a miniature-sized personal force field, including a Heisenberg compensator. After putting on the two gloves, a geodesic dome-like force field appears which uses exactly 1.21 gigawatts of electricity. :grin:

Now no meteorite can strike me down anymore. It’s also a real eye-catcher at crowded events and glows in the dark. In case of incorrect use, any liability on the part of the manufacturer is excluded.

As there is no “glove” category yet, I’ve listed it as a Tiara if that is ok. Due to the complex geometry/UV relation I couldn’t push it below 500, but 552, therefore I would like to apply for a 10% vertex exception :slight_smile:


hey i will take a look at this now

hi, this design might be a bit intrusive to other players, could you change the shape or massively reduce the transparency so its more see-through

Wow❤️‍🔥 I love this wearable😍 Bump for approval

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Hi Sango - thanks for looking at it.

The transparency could be reduced a bit, but not “massive”, otherwise it looks strange.

The shape follows the nature of a force field in a geodesic sphere and is - also because of the special texture technique - inevitable. The shape can’t be changed without destroying the whole force field concept AND stay below 1.000 tris.

It is also not bigger than others (see comparison screenshots with other approved wearables - the green cube is the bounding box with 2.42m) and fits loosely into the bounding box (max. 2.25m diameter). So I can’t quite follow the argument of “intrusion” therefore.

I couldn’t find anything to the contrary in the terms and conditions, too. My opinion is anything should be allowed to show the creativity of the DCL world - as long as it respects the technical limits like vertices and bounding box and does not cause harm to anyone or is illegal in anyway.

So the question is: another T-Shirt or something fancy?

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i see in terms of distance it is similar to others but when we talk in terms of volume, your item is unlike any of the examples you have shown.

let me know when the changes are made and ill review it again, thanks

This is so unfortunate because this wearable is a prime example of where the creativity in DCL should be headed. How can you approve design that are ripped off of other peoples work, but when a creator thinks outside the box, literally, they get shut down? I can’t help but think If this was Samsung or another major creator the terms would be different, as it’s obvious they have extra leadway in terms of tri’s and textures.

I’m not trying to argue, but rather present an opinion to the creativity that needs to be released in this space. We can’t reward copycats and punish creativity. In terms of volume, where does it compare with the auras that are in the marketplace?


I reduced the volume from 5.96m³ to 4.19m³ (4/3Pir³), which means a reduction of 30% and an increase of the file size by about 57% because of the additional alpha channel, but still small.

Looks a bit strange now because of the proportions and more like a cage, but you asked for it. The transparency has also been reduced, but this looks better than before.

So please check again.

EDIT: and finally even reduced the tris to 476 :innocent:


when released? SPD need that…


Such a unique wearable. I love the colors. I hope we can see this soon in DCL.


i have spoken t the team and this cannot be accepted as it is too large still

Sorry, but I would like to know based on which violation of the terms and conditions this decision was made, or if this is just an arbitrary interpretation?

Too large is subjective and not understandable to me. My wearable is practically an Aura. Are you now planning to ban all Auras as well, analogous to the current vehicle/pet discussions, because they are “too big”, not actually “wearable”, not attached to the body or mentioned in the documentation? Do you even know your own terms and conditions?

Here is another size comparison to a (not transparent!) mech wearable compared to my resized sphere. That’s not too big for you then? Do you actually realize how senseless your argumentation is? And you’re not only killing the creativity of the artists, no, you’re scaring others away from uploading anything at all. Do you want only T-shirts, Jeans and Hats? Then continue…

For me as an artist it NOT recognizable anymore, whether a wearable is a wearable, which is approvable. I will certainly NOT cripple my artwork again to make it “approvable”. Take it as is or leave it and refund me the 100 Mana immediately.

Do you understand that you are actually scaring off the people - not just me - who fill your metaverse with life, your capital? But due to your fickleness, I now have to seriously consider whether I should invest any more time and money here.

Is this the “democratized Vision of The Metaverse” you are talking about? I think that you - DCL - have a much bigger problem than my sphere.


yeah this sucks. “Too large” should not be a valid criteria for rejection when it is clear there is no definition of what “large” means, and when there seem to be many examples of wearables that are “larger” by various measures, which have been accepted. There need to be much clearer parameters for size compliance: Height, width, volume enclosed/obscured etc, most of which should be locally verifiable by creators well in advance of the DCL review… I do agree larger outfits are becoming a problem, but the way to address this is with clear rules, not arbitrary judgement.

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How did we go from ^^^^^^^ to “it is too large still” after the artist reduced the size 30%, increased the transparency (which was a weird request to begin with) and has otherwise met every criteria for approval?? … With NO further official explanation. Scammy and plain disrespectful to the community artist and future creators you want to do business in your metaverse.

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DCL doc is not full info and unambiguous.this is x,y,z dimensions limit, pointed by them in forum.

im not here to argue about it nor is there anything to gain from me not accepting this so i dont see how it can be in anyway “scammy” As i stated in the last response, i spoke to the team so thats how we got from a to b

let me know when the model has been changed and i will review it again, thank you

@Sango @nader Why have you forced @METATIGER to MUTILATE his creation, just to turn around and see this monstrosity ( in size) being released on top of all the other out-of-spec creations. Why the hypocrisy and how can you and the team even justify such a thing?
Screenshot (925)


@michi @Yannakis @Sango much is wear Y limit? 2.4 or 1.4? :neutral_face:

I’d say 1.4 but who knows… :disguised_face:

Ok, here is a new, even more complex approach in 495 Tris. If you don’t have a problem with the force field overlapping with the animations, I could make it even a little less deep in the front. But like now, it’s the smallest depth that doesn’t look weird. Maximum dimension is currently 1.37m

Link: Video Demonstration

And since the SPD had mentioned that they could use something like this, I built the design around their uniform. But it can also be worn by anyone else.

So Sango, please check it again.