Collection 'Metaskins X Holy Ones Avatars' created by 4skin is ready for review!

Metaskins X Holy Ones Avatars

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Moses - The Holy One

The Holy Ones - Buddha

The Holy Ones - Vishnu

The Holy Ones - Jesus


lit tbh love this collab

First ever NFT project skins in dcl…LFG :fire:

Wow this is so awesome!

Hi, reviewing and testing your collection now!

Awesome collection! However :slight_smile:

Normals of glasses seems to be inverted! Can you fix that please?

There is problems with cape skinning. Looks like it’s only attached to 1 bone and dont work very well with whole body

Also, the cape dont have any thickness, in-game back side will look transparent.

There is also issue with overlapping of legs and dress on three skins, can you try to fix it, please?

Also, i think you should close hole inside dress

This Project has been so fun to be a part of!! cant wait to be able to rock these!

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CAN’T WAIT TO ROCK THESE! These look amazing :heart_eyes:


@ALPHAALVES the Jesus piece gold chain would look crazy with the Jesus skin!

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All has been updated, please let me know if we are good to go! Thanks again!

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thank you, i will check collection in near time (1-2 hours)!

collection approved! very nice models!

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