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Metaskins X Fira Pants

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Fira pants By Metaskins

Hey, this items not showing up properly on the curation end. Could you make an update to the description or tasks and re-save it. Ping here when its updated and I can check it out. Cheers!

Hey! Not sure what you mean by that. I am happy to do so, but can you explain a little more what needs to be done. Thanks! @grimey

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Hey! Some clipping issues present on the female representation during running anim:

Same for the male representation, but here the issue might be connected to the absence of proper model with a little bit lowed waist:

Don’t hesitate to test your wearable via Ropsten testnet to see those in-game.


Hey @AndreusAs thank you! We are using these to showoff dcl wearables at the colombian blockchain conference on tuesday, and can make the changes monday morning. Once clipping is fixed, would you be able to push through right away? Please let me know, thank you again!

Hey, what timezone will that happen in, and at what time, at least approximately.


Around 7am est on Monday morning. Will that be alright?

Yep, will be online.

Hey @AndreusAs the collection has been updated, the clippings should be fixed! Please let me know if all is good so we can push the items through. Thanks so much!

Hey, collection approved!

Thanks @AndreusAs really appreciate the quick response!