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Metaskins Halloween!

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**Metaskins - Ghost Huntress **

Metaskins Mummy

Metaskins Adventurer Goblin

Metaskins Kernun

Metaskins Hamstoween

Metaskins OniBell

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, just a couple weighting issues, need to place the animals closer to character to not exceed the 2.4m limit and please fix the thumbnails to display the wearables.


Thank you @Yannakis they have all been updated!

Please push them through when you can!!!


Hey, these are still above the 2.4m height limit and also the 1.4 depth limit. Some thumbnails also have to be updated to display wearables.


@Yannakis All changes jhave been fixed! Please let me know!


Thumbnail looks good but that one skin is still not in the limit i believe

@Yannakis sorry what do you mean by that?

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There is a 2.4 m height limit and 1.4 depth limit for wearables

Thanks @Yannakis we have made the changes!

Still outside the depth limit

OK @Yannakis hoping this one is right!


Collection approved!