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MetaRap <> styleXchange

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Gold Chain - styleXchange

Cosmos Jacket - styleXchange

Light Star Suit - styleXchange


The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Light Star Suit: Make sure to hide Lower Body, fill the gaps and remove the black sticks to avoid clipping issues.
jacket: Make the marked areas double sided and make sure the normals are facing both directions. Also some clipping around the waist area on female.
Chain: Make the faces double sided and i would suggest making the “gaps” transparent on the chain and using Alpha Blending


Updated all of them, please have a look.

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@Yannakis Can you please have a look at this again? All the corrections has been made and uploaded.

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Hey just some clipping around the waist area and some single sided faces at the arm. (Only female, male is good). For the suit make sure to hide the lower body. Please tag me here once you upload the updates so i get a notification and check!