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Hey, we have submitted our second ever wearable the MP T1, please let us know if there is anything wrong with the design and we will get them fixed !

Hey MetaParty!

The model has some issues with skin weighting. These issues relies in two things:

  1. The model is on top of the base mesh and that’s not the best way to do the wearable. It should be one single mesh, not one in top of the other (t shirt on top of the skin).

  2. The neck and hip of the model needs to end as the documentation explains: Creating Wearables | Decentraland

Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 00.48.35

Take this models as a reference for a t shirt: (302.4 KB)

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Hi thanks for your feedback, we have made the changes to the wearable, please check and see if it is correct when you can. And let me know if any more changes are needed, its rezinator aka MetaParty here on a new forum account.

Hey, we are about to change the file to the base t-shirt models you have sent, it should be done by the 11th of september, please let is know if there is an issue with this. MetaParty

Hey I am the wearable maker for metaparty we have stick to the base model and are now adjusting the rear of the shirt for the female

Hey dcl team, Just_T3 has made the changes to the wearable and it is now the base model that you sent, can you please review this when you can and let us know if anything needs to be changed!

Hi it has now been 7 days after making the suggested changes and using the base model of the t-shirt you suggested, can you please review the wearable again.