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MetaMoves Dance 1

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Trend MetaMoves

Floss MetaMoves

Booty MetaMoves

Fresh MetaMoves

The collection has been assigned to Grimey

Heya! Cool emotes!

  • I would just update the thumbnails on all 3 except the flossing. Can you adjust the booty thumbnail so it’s from the side a little more. And then Fresh and Trend are just a little too similar to each other. Can you try shooting more from the side or choosing another frame for one of those?

  • The Flossing clip I’m going to run it by the rest of the curation committee to make sure we’re all on the same page, since approving it will set a president. But it won’t take longer than end of day tomorrow to get a consensus, apologies for the hassle.

  • Please remove the first 10 or so frames at the start of the twerking emote to remove the freeze at the beginning.


This is now approved! Cheers