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Metamotive Wearables “UNNATURAL”

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Metamotive #HELMET

Metamotive #SHOES

Metamortive #GLOVES

Hi! Checking collection now!

Please fix all listed issues:
Close holes / add thickness for flat planes (in-world polygons renders only from one side)

Snap corners of your ubody and lbody models, to corners of standard ubody and lbody

There as some parts of standard head overlaps with helmet

All issues are same for male representation


Also, Helmet should have this categories listed in “hiding” list:

  • Hat
  • Hair
  • Facial Hair
  • Eyewear
  • Earring
  • Mask
  • Tiara


Thank you!

We‘ve edited and pls review again, thanks!

Hi! Please, snap corners of your wearables to corners of standard avatar parts with weights set to 1 on hip bone… that way you will have seameless transition between parts

Right now i cant approve collection because of this overlaps between parts…

thank you… :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the reply, we’ve updated and pls review again

thank you, much better now, but transition should be seamless :sweat_smile: right now there are still some overlaps and holes between parts, also don’t forget to assign corners to 1 on hip bone

also, you can add female representation model after you uploaded male after representation, just click three dots aside wearable collection:

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Thanks for reply, Pls check again! We’ve done our best.

Hey are you still here? Pls review again thanks

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dang wish woulda used same red color for face of helmet. Looks like a sick moto gp style wearable.

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Hi! Please weight corner vertices to 1 on hip bone, for both M and F and also on upper_body wearable too, thank!

I don’t know where it’s wrong, but this is exactly the best we can do…

We’ve asked a professional designer and updated again pls check!


Thank you.

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collection approved!

Thanks man, happy to see that.

Hey bro we still got a problem the material of white becomes blooming, how can we fix that? thanks.

Another thing, we found there is a spelling problem on the gloves name, pls review and approve again, we did not change any 3d file there

Hi! I got feedback from committee memembers. Can you make icon background transparent please? Waiting your answer!!!

Ah sure but I still have other problem to discuss but…

let me know when thumbnails will be updated :slight_smile: thank yoou!