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MetaMineS3 × SXBet #1

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DAO Alchmist Hat&Jetbag

Hey will review this one now

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

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Consider finetuning the straps - they clip through upper body designs quite often:

Otherwise it’s good to go.

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Hey thank you for the reply, we have just updated the model, please check again and see if it is good to go, cheers!


Hey! Straps are good to go, but looks like the hat is missing from the previous iteration. Cheers!

hey @AndreusAs , thank you for spotting that! the hat was added, plz recheck, appreciate!

Hey, collection approved!

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thank a lot!!!

Hey @AndreusAs , i have updated the name of the model, since there was a typo in the name, please have a check, and thank you!

Hey, collection re-approved!

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