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MetaMineS2 × Meama 2

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**Meama Hoodie **

hey i will check this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Theres some clipping on the neck when running on both male and female versions

could you also make the arm match the armature please?

Hey Sango, we fixed the clipping issue, pls have a check again, thanks.

For the arm armature, do you mean the arm holding the cup? We want to make the arm hold the cup regardless of whether he is running or in an idle position.

yes, i understand the concept, but we need to make sure the wearables follow the avatar to conform with VR and emotes

could you also move the logos a little from the edge so they arent touching it?

No problem Sango, I ve updated the model and the thumbnail, pls have a check

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The arms normals are flipped

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updated! Please have a check

theres the inside of the hood now too

if you check face orientation, then you can see if there are any backfacing normals. backfaces are red and the front is blue

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Hi @Sango , thanks for the notice, now it should work

This collection has been approved

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