Collection 'Metamask Ninja Set' created by Hinataio is ready for review!

Metamask Ninja Set

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Metamask Ninja Pants

Metamask Ninja Top

Metamask Ninja Shoes

Metamask Ninja Mask

Metamask Ninja Hair

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Hi! Will check collection soon! :soon:

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Hi! Do you have IP rights to use Metamask name? Please provide IP rights here:

I’m so sorry i didn’t get back to you sooner, our metaverse stuff has been on hold for a minute, we’re actually a crypto theme’d anime girl NFT collection and platform. We’re an Open Sea alternative, a bit similar to foundation, we own about 30 parcels in DCL. here is a collection of the various NFT’s we’ve released under this theme ( ), Metamask Ninja is one of the new characters we’ve developed, here is a picture of her artwork.

hoping you will resolve this matter in our favor. appreciate your time.

@theankou hi, could u review this case again please, thank you for your time.

can you provide IP rights for using name “Metamask” to team, thank you!
let me know when you will send message to legal team, i will ask them for more info

@theankou they denied my request to use the Metamask name, if that’s the case, can you rename the set to " MM Ninja Garb "

you can change wearables name, but collection name itself can’t be changed, sorry, there are no way to avoid this issue :frowning: you will need to publish new collection with name without IP rights

is there anyway i can get a refund of 500 mana after successfully submitted for another 500? @theankou

there is now way to get refund, sorry :frowning:

@theankou can we cancel this or something then, what should i do?

the only way is to publish new collection with correct name that will not inflict IP rights