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Diamond Wings

Forcefields Choker

Aeternum Cuff

** Blockchain Necklace**

Will take a look at these now!

Hey, look like you have all items as upper body which makes the body invisible. Id suggest making main assets and using them as accessories. Use this post as reference.

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Hiii Yannakis, let me try to help MetaGolden- Do you mean to resubmit as earring instead of upper body? There’s probably more to it than that but any info is appreciated. Thank you @Yannakis !

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Yeah so the best idea would be to use different categories so you can wear these all together at the same time. So maybe chain as earring category and also make some earrings to upload with it and display the earrings on at least 50% of thumbnail. Wings with maybe a tiara and also include a tiara and display it on 50% too… same applies for all

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Ok thank you @Yannakis , so 2 together, I think I get it, I’ll try and get someone to help. Thanks again!

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Yeap just add things that we already have categories for so and upload 2 items for each following the rules above. Let me know if you need any more help or clarification!

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Hi @Yannakis,
For some reason I can’t upload new images. They are GLB files and small enough. But is there something I should be doing? In fact, I/m not able to edit these at all!

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Images must be 256x256 png with transparent background. You click on the existing image on the top right of builder for each item and upload the new ones.

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Hi @Yannakis ! I hope you are enjoying your Saturday eve! I was wondering if this will be ok, I’ve got the files fixed, Cyclopa is kindly helping me get this right for MetaGolden; The files are all separate for now-can we keep them separate? They are showing as this: (IE, will they be accepted like this?)

Thank you for taking a peek when you have a moment!

Hey, so for the item you have in tiara category (the bracelet) you must also include a tiara as a main asset. Chocker cant be used in facial hair category for obvious reason (very misleading) and the wings have to also include a top head item as main asset

Hi Yannakis, ok I get it, I see now what you are saying- so we can’t just pick a category. Question: What if we combined the choker with the wings? But is that too many tris? thinking of putting the Necklace or the choker with the wings, and the choker with tiara or something? I’m on discord: astrid#2230 if you have a moment :woozy_face: thank you so much Yannakis :heartbeat:

Hi @Yannakis - so the files have been fixed by the artist- they have earrings added etc. The wings have a barrette- is it a problem that the barrette disappears a bit under the hair?

Looks like the weighting got messed up after the changes


That was unclear- they are not submitted yet I was just trying to ask a question but she will submit tonight

Sorry I was not clear- they are being fixed but have not been uploaded yet. But she will upload tonight

@yannakis, nothing in the metagolden account is correct yet- the files are being fixed and will all be re-uploaded. Stay tuned

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Awesome, waiting for your update!

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HI @Yannakis they are uploaded and complete!