Collection 'Metafox Golden Boss ' created by iacob#5c8b is ready for review!

Metafox Golden Boss

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Metafox Golden Boss

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The Boss is in town


WoooooooW :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: so dope!


Started seeing some of those aroud :smirk::point_right: you guys lounching a trend


Thank you so much @SAITAMA

Our project is to create a MetaCrew, join us!

For @Lauretta or for those who will do the review:
this item is part of the “same collection” as the MetafoxCrew, obviously divided for a first wearable publication test. So we already have a basic version call “Member”.
This will be the rarest version for now.

Here the link:

Thank you so much!
Hope to ear soon from you :smiley:

It looks really authoritative, almost mythological and sacred. Love it bro! :heart_eyes:

Heya. Reviewing this now!

Looks good! Can you remove one of the materials? Currently there are 3.


Please also hide the ‘head’.


Hi @Sparkles!
I don’t understand what is the problem with the materials,there is no numbers limit right?
Maybe you meant the textures?
The model contain already 2 materials, one is setting by default I think.

Heya, there is a limit on the number of Materials. I’ve reached out to you on Discord to help you out. Contact me there and we’ll sort out the issue.

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Thank’s for you’re help!

Looks good! Approved!

I’ve updated the icon, thanks! @grimey

The collection has been assigned to Grimey

No prob. Re-approved! Cheers.

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hey @grimey we need a re-approvation for this.
We want to partecipate at the music event! Thank you

Hello, we update also the “Golden Boss”
We are planning also to renovate our old logo, so please review this as soon as possible!
Thank you so much @grimey @Lauretta

Heya. Could you double check that you’ve submitted the changes? I dont have an update on my end yet. Let me know! Cheers!