Collection 'Metafox Golden Boss ' created by iacob#5c8b is ready for review!

Metafox Golden Boss

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Metafox Golden Boss

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The Boss is in town


WoooooooW :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: so dope!


Started seeing some of those aroud :smirk::point_right: you guys lounching a trend


Thank you so much @SAITAMA

Our project is to create a MetaCrew, join us!

For @Lauretta or for those who will do the review:
this item is part of the “same collection” as the MetafoxCrew, obviously divided for a first wearable publication test. So we already have a basic version call “Member”.
This will be the rarest version for now.

Here the link:

Thank you so much!
Hope to ear soon from you :smiley:

It looks really authoritative, almost mythological and sacred. Love it bro! :heart_eyes:

Heya. Reviewing this now!

Looks good! Can you remove one of the materials? Currently there are 3.


Please also hide the ‘head’.


Hi @Sparkles!
I don’t understand what is the problem with the materials,there is no numbers limit right?
Maybe you meant the textures?
The model contain already 2 materials, one is setting by default I think.

Heya, there is a limit on the number of Materials. I’ve reached out to you on Discord to help you out. Contact me there and we’ll sort out the issue.

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Thank’s for you’re help!

Looks good! Approved!

I’ve updated the icon, thanks! @grimey

The collection has been assigned to Grimey

No prob. Re-approved! Cheers.

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hey @grimey we need a re-approvation for this.
We want to partecipate at the music event! Thank you