Collection 'Metafox Crew ' created by 0x594e...95c8b is ready for review!

you have been very clear, thanks for the explanation

love this design!!!

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I really like this! Great work, i’m excited to see it in game!

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@dogman @Frank Thank you guys! Take a look at this magic hat I’ve created

can’t wait to know what you think about it!

That’s awesome!! Hope to see it soon with other textures !! :love_you_gesture:t3:

Ehi bro, thank you so much! Please take a look also at this one:


New screen of the Boss Crew WIP

How to make it gold/metal?
@MetaWear @Frank @dogman @michi @einstein @METArtisan @Cryptonian

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@iacob_visual_90 can’t wait to see it finished.
The gold boss rocks! :fire:
Unfortunately I can’t help you, but I hope you can apply a metallic effect, I’m very curious to see what you come up with!
Full speed ahead, the fox crew is taking shape! :love_you_gesture::fire::clap:

Hey friend, you cant add metallic in game, only glow emission or alpha transparency.
I usually illustrate textures/shading and add manually where the highlights would be! (which is why my textures are a bit cartoony)
If you dont have the adobe suite, check out this really cute and fun tutorial on how to create textures in blender! I share this with a lot of new comers into the space that dont have photoshop and I hope it changes your life haha:

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@michi you are the best! Thanks for the tips, I learned somewhere that the engine was able to read the metallic on the BPR material. I already have the UV maps in the model, so I need to paint over them.
Another question for you, is there a particular scale for the colors? I’m using 3dsmax for modeling and texturing and the colors are always different, darker when using the DLC editor! :pray:

Paint over themmmmm for sure! Add as much detail as possible within the 500x500, and even refer to how things like pixel art of half tone add depth since these art style make things pop with limited specs. Even just doing a 10% soft brush (not sure how it works with 3dMAX) over to create a highlight/gradient can make the world of difference! With your foxes maybe even find flat material textures to add a bit more depth to them. (check out the NASA - Apollo collection in the marketplace, really cool wearable reference). I think this is such a cool low poly design, so keep it really simple to accentuate the shape but that my personal opinion and this is your work so make sure you’re happy with it because you’ll have to look at it more than anyone else haha
DCL uses this colour scale and if you use your own colours they sometimes turn out a bit funky (which isn’t always bad!), so if you need it to be exact try to match to these and it will get pretty close.

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What does the fox say?


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Now is much better, something like real Gold :heart_eyes:
Thank you so much @michi , you really helped me! ceers!


Love it! Amazing work!!!

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The Fox want to be part of the DCL metaverse! Ahah
Thank you @HomerSimps0y

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Super cool helmet!! How much are you listing them for?

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@ejnft thank you! The price is set on 15

One will be mine! :fox_face:

can you add me to the mint list? 0xa06883198829261f61102f11d1cfa99fe713a247

Up for review! Waiting for @Lauretta :heart_eyes: