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MetaDrip - Infusion

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MD Infusion Pants

MD Infusion Helmet

MD Infusion Jacket


This is looking nice.


sick!!! loving this ser

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Absolutely beautiful. Cannot wait! Amazing work.

It seems the collection has not been correctly upload to the catalys. Please sign in with your account and go to the builder , that would be enough to solve it.
You may want to add hat and tiara to the hide list.

Thank you!

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Hi Glitch, sorry for the late response. Didn’t see the reply here. Just logged into the builder and also added changes recommended above. Thank you!

It seems categories, names and models are mixed.
eg. Helmet should be helmet instead of Pants
Please revise all items, its description, names and category.
Thank you!

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Hi Glitch, everything has been completed. Hoping to get these approved soon. Originally they were uploaded correctly, no idea what happened with the name change. :’(

Great! Thank you. Approved!

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