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Metacare Physician Attire

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Physician White Coat Attire

The collection has been assigned to michitodd

This is really cool, love the design!

Just some small tweaks before approving, can you hide feet rather than replace, currently they’re coming through!
Some splits in the faces under the armpit and on the tops of the pocket. Just some minor clipping on the front!


Let me know when you update and I’ll re-review! Thank you~

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Yes, I updated it. Also added logo to pocket. If the logo looks like its clipping, its not . These are legs being visible when moving face under the jacket. There are some steep edges that’s why it looks like that. Thanks.

This is perfect, just male has still some issues with the base face under the jacket. I would recommend splitting the face and weighting one side 100% and the other side 100% without any interference. that should prevent it from splitting when moving!

Ok, changes pushed. please check

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Is there a DOCTOR in the house because this is all approved!
Thank you for updating :slight_smile: