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Black Club Crystal Earrings

Once uploaded, it appears that there are 3 textures, however we are quite certain that there’s only 2 in the source file. We’ve had the same issue with the original bunny head.

Builder glitches sometimes and does that! If there’s two, it sometimes says 3-4 lol
Sometimes if you have multiple object separate, it also counts extra materials. If builder gives me issues I join everything together! (Cmnd + J)
Only do it if it doesn’t effect the weight or UV tho haha
(I’m not part of the committee, just another wearable creator~ Good luck :cloud:)

Thanks a million. Very helpful @michi !

Taking a look now:).

@Blackisback Thank you approved!! :slight_smile:

That’s just fab @HirotoKai ! thanks :slight_smile:

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