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Hover bike


Hey DCL fam,
I worked on this and it has two textures + skin mat.

Texture one: Base UV
Texture Two: transparency + emission

Upper, lower body and shoes~
This has been set up to match size restrictions!

Let me know if there are any changes :cloud: :pray:

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This is fire :fire: :fire: Amazing work as always @michi!


heya checking this out now!

Hey! looks good! Theres just some faces that are showing up transparent in the game but not in the builder. Check out the screenshot below.

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Hi @grimey,
I’m trying to update it, but I don’t know how to do it. I’m able to upload only 1 GLB, so I don’t know how to update both the male/female representations. Before submitting the collection, I was able to add the second representation, but now I don’t have that option anymore. Could you help me?

Thank you in advance

Ok, I got it following this tip: Collection 'Incognitos' created by a#13eb is ready for review! - #5 by Shibu

this is probably a bug of the builder?

Anyway, I updated both representations, all should be fine now @grimey let me know! :slight_smile:

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Sweet, thanks! Approved!


Thank you very much @grimey :pray:

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@grimey I updated the preview image. Could you re-approve it? Thanks in advance

Hey. Reapproved. Cheers!

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