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These dope tattoos are a must have in DCL!!!

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thanks so much!! soon i will be doing a give away for a “unique” custom tattoo wear for one lucky dcl player

Yes! Looking forward to getting some tattoos on DCL.

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thanks man i appreciate the support!

Will take a look a look at it now!

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Love the tattoos!! Collection approved!

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thanks so much i appreciate it!

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Hey I was informed that the logo used is owned by One Piece so the collection had to be temporarily disabled. Let me know if you have rights to use it or if you could change it to something else.

oh damn ok i can change. am i able to change the whole wearable?

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Unfortunately just the logo…

just the one on the tshirt right?

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Yeapp unless you have more licensed designs on the tattoos

uhm some of them are fan art from the show but not sure about all the legal rights… i can change the shirt today and if there are other issues with the tattoos i have more tattoos that are ready for submission

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just let me know what i need to do to fix it. i have the files ready

Just change the One Piece logo on Tshirt and it should be good!

ok just by editing the representation on my builder right?

also for the people that have them in there backpack already will i have to send them agin or will it just change

Yup just change or remove the logo and change representation on builder. Don’t have to resend, it will automatically change for everyone.

i just changed it. does it take a while to show up in game

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