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Meta watch for Ukraine 2nd batch

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Meta watch for Ukraine 2nd batch

Hello guys, is it possible to make this wereable available only once per wallet? This is the second time I’m publishing it because the first one were sold out in minutes (it’s free), but the people who got it mint it like 50 times, not allowing others to get it. So I’m publishing it again, and waiting for it to be reviewed (even if it’s the same wereable as before). Can someone help me on that?

Hey! Having a look, we cant have two same item on market. Please update my friend and I’ll re-review~

can the watch just be bigger?

Try and make another design please~

Oops, or colour variation~

I cannot make a colour variation of a country flag…

I reviewed it, now the watch is a little different, the man have long sleeve t-shirt, and the lady top tank instead of a t-shirt. I’m doing this for a cause is not to make money on it, that’s why I’m giving for free. But people are just taking not allowing other people to have it. I paid 100 mana for the first, and another 100 for this one. Is it possible to allow only one copy per wallet?