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Meta Tycoon Wings (Ltd Ed)

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Meta Tycoon Wings Ltd Ed

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hi! please change category to top_head

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Done! Please assist to check on the changes. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi! thank you for changes, i approved collection, sorry, but i disabled it fow now because i noted that triangle limits much higher then supposed to be. Please, reduce triangle count to 500 triangles as noted in docs.
Also materials and textures limit: 2 materials 2 textures, right now you have 4 materials and 3 textures

We made changes and hope it can be approved

Hi! thank you, however, limit is 500 triangles :sweat_smile: right now your model have 1300 triangles and also it have a lot of holes in-world

please reduce triangle count to 500 and fix holes
thank you!

we have amended the wings to fit all requirements, and just resubmitted. seek your kind approval, thank you!! :slight_smile:

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add thickness for one-side polygons please, in-game they’re visible only from one side :sweat_smile:

Updated, please assist to check thank you!

collection approved!