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HODL MANA tattoos


This is a pretty fun design

thank you thought it might be a good first design. i am taking and tattoo ideas or recommendations for future designs. please let me know if you any ideas you want drawn up. also taking personalized tattoo designs for one of a kind wearables.
p.s. i am i tattoo artist in real life as well and hope to accomplish the same for the metaverse

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Nice. That is a cool metaverse application.

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Sooo good! Are you sure you don’t want to add a female representation?

Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 15.21.58


i have more designs that are more feminine. also im not sure if the male and female face structure is the same?? if it is then yes i would be more than happy to add a female representation

if you have any tattoo ideas you would like for female characters feel free to drop them in the replies and i will submit them to the market place

the faces are not the same so maybe you want to keep only the male representation,

let me know!


yeah i tried it out and the neck is thinner also. but if there are some tattoos you would like to see in the game please let me know of any ideas you like!

i made a mistake on the female representation is there a way to edit this submission so i can upload the right file for the female slot

i have made the changes required to have a female representation. please let me know what your thoughts are

does anyonne know how long it takes for the wearables to be accepted?

:fire: lets get this in there!!

Hi! Contact us on discord ! We are working on a Meta-tattoo project too with Tin-Tin here in Paris !

sounds awesome! are you looking for any help with your project?

yes of course ! did you see our posting ?

yes it looks very cool. so you made the shirt with the tattoos so the long sleeves dont affect the wearable right?

You can view the tattoos in the builder, we don’t know if we have done it the right way…

i checked it out. i would maybe edit the placement so that the mask doesnt look misshapen you know what i mean? also when you look at the dragon tattoo is there supposed to be something on the other hand? but other than that they look good

On the other hand is the free NFT tattoo from our whitelist members.

I don’t know what you mean, i wrote you on discord, it’s more convenient…