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Meta Lite After Party

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Meta Lite Speaker Head

Meta Lite Trucker Jacket

Meta Lite Patched Jeans

Meta Lite Sneakers

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Hello! Please let us know if revisions are required and we will respond promptly :slight_smile:

We have contacted to present the proper information.


  1. Please, make all thumbnail backgrounds completely transparent.
  2. Also waiting for confirmation from the legal.

Otherwise it’s good to go.


Hey @AndreusAs

The images have been updated and legal should be all set! Thank you!

Hey, thumbnails are good to go, but I have no confirmation from the legal yet. Once I have it, I’ll approved the collection right away.


@AndreusAs Hi, we’ve shared the details with legal as well as Shibu. Do you have an ETA for when this can be approved today? Thank you!

Hey, collection approved!