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Meta Beast

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Meta Beast Armour

Meta Beast Breeches

Meta Beast Mask

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hi i will review this collection now

nice set, could you reduce the upperbody to around 2k triangles and 2 materials and 2 textures?

Thank you for reviewing @Sango.
Have made those edits for you.

  • Got the Upper body garment close to 2k. About (2190)
  • Also got the textures down to just 2.

Thank you.

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theres no female representation for the mask, apart from that all seems good to go. let me know once you’ve added the female mask then ill approve

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Thanks for the feedback @Sango . Just made a correction on that mask. It’s meant to be Unisex. Have just updated that for you now.

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perfect, This collection has been approved!

Thank you @Sango ! Making those corrections to the others.

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