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Egyptian Pharoah Helment

hi i will reivew this now

can you make the neck line meet up with the avatar neck line and hide hair, facial hair, eyewear, hat and earrings

Uploaded the revised file.

@Sango please check the revision.

Could you also send proof of right to use the MET museum IP to

This is a public statue in the met museum, I am not sure if there’s an IP for this, since it’s a statue from ancient egypt 5000 years ago, and then it’s currently sitting in a public institution. Should I contact MET museum about IP? We got this inspiration from MET museum, and we did all the work to come out with this model.

the ip would be for MET museum not the statue

What if I had the name of the collection changed, to just Egyptian Artifact?

yes that will be fine. you cannot change collection names though so will need to create a new one