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MerchLounge #1

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Akatsuki Cloak

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yo this is tight, nice work

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Thank you very much, hope it will be approved :slight_smile:

Hey, nice work! It seems your item has not been correctly upload to the server. Can you upload it again?
Also, do you want to add a female representation?
Let me know when you are ready
Thank you!

Hello thanks for your reply
I have uploaded the model again and no for the female representation I have a different design in mind.

Hope now it fits.

Friendly greetings

Thank you, collection approved.

@Caststupider , this collection has been rejected because of a community member reporting IP issues, provide written consent by Naruto IP owners to proceed with this design.
Please email to reconfirm that the NFT/wearable submitted is in full compliance with Decentraland’s Content Policy and Terms of Use and you accept those terms. Thank you!

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Sent you a message to discuss something.
Kind Regards

Changed the Wearable. Kind Regards :smiley:


Any feedback?
Is there an other Problem with the Design?

Thanks for your Time

Kind Regards

Thank you, collection approved

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