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Mercenary Cyber Colections

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Mercenary | Cyber | Jacket

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Hey, collection approved!

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Thank you, I’m glad it was approved so quickly

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Hello! Hope this message finds you well. I’ve noticed this collection is labeled as ‘female’ exclusive in the marketplace, however its actually a ‘male’ exclusive. Would you consider editing this in the builder to accurately reflect who can wear it?

Or even better, consider adding a female representation and making it unisex? I’ve noticed all your more recent collections are Unisex and it would be great if this could be too!

Thanks for your consideration - Please note if you make changes, you will need to ‘push’ them, then tag your curator here to reapprove! Best wishes, would love to be able to wear my jacket in my preferred female avatar form. I very much like your work!

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