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Menthol x MGH DAO

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Bonsai Pants with Web3 Fruits

Climate Positive Werewolf

Menthol Green Mantra

I will check collection now

bonsai pants:
limit is 1500 triangles, currently you have 4300, add some categories to hiding list or reduce triangle count

connection between upper body and lower body should be proper (make sure that vertices are snapped and there is good transition between upper body and lower body, without holes and bad seams), the same with connection between lower body and feet (for both M and F)

also make sure that all logos that you used on pants is OK with IP rights, otherwise you will need to provide all IP rights for all logos to

remove hair from replaces list
add this categories to hiding list:

  • hat
  • hair
  • tiara

add thickness or close holes

helmet model should be assigned to 1 to head bone

marked area should be assigned to 1 to neck or spine2 bone and have smooth gradient transition between head and neck (or spine2) bone, that way back part of helmet will not overlap with character neck / back on different animations, especially on - walk / run

add earring model to match earring category (earring model should be visible and should be represented on thumbnail)

also, limit is 2 materials 2 textures, currently you have 4 textures

@theankou thank you very much for your thorough feedback.

Regarding the IP rights, we are making an event with all of our partners (Earth Day celebration) and they all agree with the usage of their logo for the bonsai wearable. This is the post about the event:

Regarding the green mantra I changed the category to top head.

Regarding the other models, I applied all the changes and uploaded them.

Hope everything is alright now. Thank you for your help!

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Hi! You will need anyways to send info to

Regards aura, if category is changed to top_head, then you will need to add model on top of head to match category

looks like changes are not uploaded, make sure to upload them again and if there will be button “push changes” inside of collection, make sure to push them

Thank you for you suggestions. Regarding the aura, there are many auras though that have category top_head and were accepted.

Why shouldnt it work with this one?

both auras have model in marked “on top of head” area


@theankou I just uploaded all the changes and sent the email to the legal department. Please let me know if there is anything else missing.

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The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hi @Camilo, thumbnail should have transparent background

female version of pants is missing (male version is OK), you can add glb for each representation for you wearable (by hitting three dots in 3d preview or inside of window on screenshot below)

go to collection, click on wearable, you will see window with settings, etc, you will need to click edit, upload glb only for M or F, set gender to M or F (not both) and then you will see “add female or male representation button” in area where you was hitting “edit” button:

Hi @theankou I just uploaded the final changes. Let me know if there is somethign else wrong :innocent:

Thank you!

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all good now, i will approve collection when i will get news from legal team

Ok thank you. Do you know how long it would take approximately?

@theankou I just uploaded the wearable without logos as the process might take too long and we will not be able to have the wearables ready for the event on time. I hope everything works now. Thank you!

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collection approved!

Thank you very much for your help!