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Meet48 Enlightened Halo

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Enlightened Halo Tiara

Enlightened Halo Upper Body

Enlightened Halo Lower Body

Enlightened Halo Shoes

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, need to add male representations for male for upper and lower bodies. For female representations some clipping issues listed in the pictures below. Also need to make top head solid and fill the bottom of the skirt or cover areas

Got it!we will update and upload as soon as possible!

Hello,we have updated a version, please check it, thank you!

Still the same issues… @Dexin
You can test in game by clicking the 3 dots on the top of collection page on builder and then “See in world”

@Yannakis adjusted, plz check. Big thanks

Weighting is good. Just need to make these parts double sided and also the top head so it doesnt appear transparent from one side

@Yannakis adjusted, plz re-check. Thanks!!

Please make these parts double sided too and Ill approve asap!

@Yannakis We updated it, please check!Thank you!

Collection approved!