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Medieval knights

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Dark Knight

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Who ever created this please send me a DM

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991


Items looks like this in-game (both reps):

Consider checking skinning, bone hierarcy and applying all transforms.


Hi, its my first asset so I have a few questions.

  • Can I try my assets in game before submit, like you do for tests?
  • How can I re submit a new fixed file?

the rig is from template so I think its good
the skin weights i think are good cause in preview all animations works fine
I will try to apply the transforms maybe that is the issue

will DM you on twitter

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  • Yes, you can, search for the “See in world” option.
  • Just re-upload the representations, no new publications needed.


I have fixed the issue and upload a new file. You can check it tnx


The model is good to go, but consider updating the Hides category with Hat, Earrings, Helmet, Eyewear, Mask, Tiara and Helmet, please.


oh didn’t saw they were reset after the update. I hide them again, tnx for your help

Hey, collection approved!

nice! another question. If i want to keep 1 copy for myself and put 9 on marketplace, I will need to mint 1 to my wallet and then toggle onsale switch? or I need to mint all 10 the first time to my wallet?

Yep, just mint one for yourself, then just put the rest on sale.

Nice, tnx for your help