Collection 'Meckaduck head & legs 2022' created by TonyDarko#7c4c is ready for review!

Meckaduck head & legs 2022

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Hi guys, I’m excited because the upperbody of this collection was selected for the fashion week, so during the event I will have some surprises for the people who already have the upperbody.

Hey, will review the collection now.

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  1. Consider updating the “Hides” category of the helmet with “Hair”.

  2. There are some issues with rigging of the lower body - looks like the top vertex loop is not fully rigged to the hip bone, hence the gap between torso and lower body during lots of animations:


  3. There are also slight clipping issues of the female representation when wearing pants with standard wearables. May be rigging related.

Don’t forget to test the wearables in-game via Ropsten testnet.


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Thank you very much for the prompt reply, I am making the changes right now.

@AndreusAs Hi, i just fixed the problems :slight_smile:

Collection approved!