Collection 'Meataversity of Steak-umm Merch' created by steakumm is ready for review!

Meataversity of Steak-umm Merch

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Meataversity Graduation Cap

Meataversity Beefy Tee

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen


  • Meataversity Beefy Tee : good to go!
  • Meataversity Graduation Cap : wearable is not showing in game: try upload it again. Also please send IP usage permission for “steak-umm” to:
    Let me know here when you are done!

Re-uploaded the model and had the agency send an email to legal.

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@fabeeobreen i just uploaded a new version of the boxhead with the back logo. thanks!

Hello @lastraum ,
Can you add back head’s related hides?

yes just realized that. will have them do that one second!

ok updated the hidden items!

Tech is good! @lastraum
Waiting for legal team green light! I’ll let you know once it’s approved!

Awesome! thank you :slight_smile:

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can we knudge legal? we’d like to get a promo video of these wearables in world today! thank you so much!

nudge for legal approval

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