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hi! please fix female representation hip part

I changed to male only. Can you check please?
Also, I misspelled collection name :frowning: Can you change that too? or just let me know how to fix that.
METATSUIT is correct one… I put MEATATSUIT… :frowning:

You can’t change collection name, sorry :sweat_smile:
What about female representation, you can add female representation after you uploaded male one, just hit three dots on wearable in collections window, and you will have option to “add female representation”

so if I want to change the collection name, am I have to make a new collection and have to pay again for uploading same stuff?
This is a kind of test sale so we don’t make female one. Can you just confirm this without female representation? or am I have to upload female one too?

I recommend you to do female representation :slight_smile:
What about collection name, yes, sadly, but you can’t change it to current collection, you will need to publish new one :frowning: But, as far as i remember, you are still able to change wearable name and description instead. Looks like your wearable have name metatsuit_01421 that name will be shown on market, so it’s better to change it and you can do it absolutely free if i’m not wrong :slight_smile:

So, recommend means not mandatory, right?
Am I have to have female representation for pass the review? or only male is ok?
Please let me know.

Only male is ok, depends on your decision :+1:

Great, please finish the review then. We will make female too for other wearables. :slight_smile:

hi! add icon please, icon size should be 256x256 pixels with transparent background, thanks!

I just added. Please check and let me know if you need anything more.
Thank you so much!

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Hi! background should be transparent, right now it’s white :slight_smile:

Oh, my bad! I just changed. Please check and thank you so much for your help!!

collection approved! :slight_smile: