Collection 'Me+JAPAN #004' created by MetaEarthJapan is ready for review!

Me+🌏JAPAN #004

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Me+🌎JAPAN #004 Hoodie002

Me+🌎JAPAN #004 Hoodie006

Me+🌎JAPAN #004 Hoodie004

Me+🌏JAPAN #004 Hoodie001

Me+🌎JAPAN #004 Hoodie003

Me+🌎JAPAN #004 Hoodie005

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Will check these soon!


Please let me know if you have the rights to use the cryptopunk.

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The owner of # 2280 has given permission, and we plan to sell it when cryptopunk has given permission for commercial use.

Sounds good. Let me know once you have that so I can approve it!

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Loooove these designs and colors! Great job!

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We will contact you once approved by cryptopunk.

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Officially licensed for commercial use by cryptopunks on August 15th.
Please approve the sale.

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Collection approved!