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May the 4th Auras 2023

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Dark Force Aura '23

Light Force Aura '23

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I will check collection now

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hey @tangpoko to match tiara category you will need to add tiara model :slight_smile:
I recommend you to change category to top_head

We have a head tattoo, will that not do? @theankou

collection approved!

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@theankou thank you buty i am having trouble uploading new thumbnails in the editor, both thumbs are well under the 1MB size limit, I have attached them here

Hey @tangpoko what error do you get when you upload thumbnails?
By the way, there is a new (old) rule that thumbnail should represent only wearable model (we don’t approve thumbnails with logos and background effects anymore)

Uploading: image.png…

An error ocurred: The thumbnail file is too big to be uploaded. The max size is 1MB.

There is a known problem that total size limitation (2mb) counts from GLB + thumbnail, so you need to make sure that thumbnail + glb size in total is less than 2mb (actually less than 1.8mb)

thumbnail size usually should stay around 150-200kb

1 thumbnail is 114MB and 1 is 265MB @theankou


this ones should work fine (depends on GLB size), and background should be transparent

Okay @theankou we made brand new thumbnails without the logo and with more transparency, and they worked. PLease push the update !

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collection re-approved!