Collection 'Matsu Mecha - ZG 10-1 AP' created by KrubberKing#56c3 is ready for review!

@XIII is there an error, what is happening?

@BrandonManus was having issues.

Ayoooo! worked like a few days ago now it makes you default top and makes lower body dissapear. tried with no wearables as well couldnt get it workin :frowning:

hope everythings alright!

@BrandonManus I’ll investigate, but DCL isn’t loading for me right now.

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no worries bro bro was jus sad i couldnt look dope as fuck at a party lolol good luck! :slight_smile:

after some more digging, it works in browser but not client. hope that helps :slight_smile:

Well, that is confusing. Is my wearable the only one causing issues?

make sure to clear replaces list and move all needed categories from replaces to hiding list
don’t forget to test wearable in-world, before pushing changes

full body:
replaces should be empty

move mask to hiding list, remove helmet from replaces list