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Mascot Head

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Bear Mascot Head


Hey. Checking this now!

Looking good! Just need to fix up some unmerged verts. And fill in the mouth a little more so that we cant see the background through the back of the head. Please see screenshot below:


For your review once more. Thanks!

Cheers! Its almost done. Just one more set of verts to merge!


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Thanks for the check! Fixed it!

For your kind review again.

Still got the same issue on my end. Are you sure its fixed? Perhaps its the texture?


Yes, it is the texture. The line got lighter when I attempt to scale down the model size to meet the limits.

Could you fix the texture by any chance?. If you need a hand, DM me on this forum and I’ll send you my discord name.

So sorry, I am actually pretty new at 3D art. Managed to sort of fixed it. Hope this is fine!

Perfect! Thank you. Approved!

Thanks so much for your advice!

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