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mascara a venda

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Dragon Mask Face Black Edition

  • Description: black face dragon mask 2021 special edition
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: mask

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essa vai bombar pode acreditar ficou muito boa


This looks incredible and will be a great addition to the decentraland wearables . Excited for this one !!!


Great art, very detailed. congratulations


Looking awesome!!!
Reduce the triangle count to be around 1300 .
Also please update your thumbnail image to have transparent background and with no letters on it. Rarity color will be added automatically.
Its seems some of the tags have not been correctly stored. image

Have a great day.

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OK , I 've done the reduction of the triangles , but I can only add the male mask , the female representation I can not send because you do not have the option to send @vrglitch

You can include the other representation by going to your collection, then click on the item row.
Then click on the three dots menu to add the other representation.

Its also recommended to check your items in world .}

Have a great day!

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ok friend, thank you very much for your attention and understanding, have a great day for you and your family friend, god bless @vrglitch

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my god friend , thank god i managed to fix all the previous problems about female representation , now everything is correct , see if everything is ok friend and thank you once again @vrglitch

Hey @shakalzeraaa , looking awesome! Your collection has been approved.

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thank you friend, there are many surprises on the way to the DCL, thank you friend for the affection and your attention @vrglitch

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friend how do i get the mask for shows in the world @vrglitch

hey! have you checked the guide? take a look at Publishing section.