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Mango DCL Fashion Week 2022

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Mango Lupi Dress

Mango Fashion Week 2022 T-Shirt

Heya Looking good! Just some small fixes on the mango dress

-Since the dress covers the lower body too. You’ll need to add the avatars base Legs into the item and have the item hide the lower body. This will stop dresses being doubled up on the avatar like below -

-And then just make sure you have some more mesh at the bottom of the dress so its double sided. See screenshot



hey there it’s the artist here! i made the changes and added the female lowerbody base mesh (rigged of course) but the mesh adds to my total verts count and it exceeds 1500. would this be a problem? i’ve made the changes. could you check them out pls?

Thanks in advance!

Looks good. We can spill over that 1500 cap since you’re taking up the lower body slot too. And you’re still under 2k. Approved!

omg YES!!! thanks SO SO MUCH!

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